Billy Frank Jr., 83, Defiant Fighter for Native Fishing Rights

The crime was fishing. The year was 1945. The boy was 14. It was his first offense, but it would not be his last.

Billy Frank Jr. continued to fish, and he continued to get arrested — more than 50 times over the next decades. He was not out to cause trouble. The goal was to preserve the traditions he had been taught as a member of the Nisqually tribe, people who had fished for millenniums in the waters that flow from the foot of Mount Rainier into Puget Sound in Washington.

For Mr. Frank, who was 83 when he died on May 5 at his family’s longtime home on the Nisqually River, that arrest at 14 was the beginning of his leading role in what would become known as the “fish wars” in the Pacific Northwest in the 1960s and ’70s…

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