Morning Agriculture: Bullock on No. 1 Thing Dems Must Do in Rural America — Today: Trump to Reveal Preliminary 2018 Funding Targets for Agencies — Ross’ Side Project: Make America First on Seafood

BULLOCK ON NO. 1 THING DEMS MUST DO IN RURAL AMERICA: Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, a Democrat, is uniquely qualified to offer his party guidance on how to handle future elections in the heartland in the Trump era: He won re-election last year by four percentage points in a state where Donald Trump cleaned up, winning by 20 points. Trump took the rural vote by a two-to-one margin on his way to the White House, so as Democrats strategize for the future — fresh off selecting a new DNC head over the weekend — Bullock says they need to work the map — all of it.

“I think rule number one in anything is showing up,” he told Pro Ag’s Helena Bottemiller Evich at POLITICO’s State Solutions event in D.C. on Friday. “And we, as Democrats, need to be showing up on a heck of a lot of places other than just the East and the West Coast.”..

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