Freight Farms Cultivates IoT ‘Farm-in-a-Box’

The Boston-based agricultural technology company’s ‘farm-in-a-box’ is bristling with sensors that let growers know that the crops inside are thriving, via a mobile app.

Who is a farmer? What is a farm? Boston-based Freight Farms is on a mission to reimagine agriculture, at a time when foodies increasingly hanker after fresh, healthy produce, sustainably grown and preferably not shipped hundreds (or thousands) of miles before it reaches their plates.

The company’s flagship product, the Leafy Green Machine (LGM) is a complete hydroponic growing facility, built entirely inside an upcycled shipping container. Each LGM provides a controlled environment, capable of yields equivalent to 1.5 acres of land. That’s about one thousand heads of lettuce a week – or the crop might instead be herbs, such as mint, dill or basil; or brassica, such as cabbage, kale or brussels sprouts…

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