Peterson Op-Ed: Ag Committee Prepares for Next Farm Bill

The below op-ed from House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson recently appeared in the Morris (MN) Sun Tribune’s Ag Week issue.

Ag Committee Prepares for Next Farm Bill
Minnesota Congressman Collin C. Peterson
Ranking Member, House Agriculture Committee

The House Agriculture Committee recently held its first hearing of the 115th Congress. “Rural Economic Outlook: Setting the Stage for the Next Farm Bill” was the first in a series of hearings the Committee plans to hold this year as it prepares to write a new farm bill.

The hearing was an opportunity to hear from agriculture economists on the state of the farm economy. While agriculture has, no doubt, had some good years the last several have been trending the wrong direction. The last farm bill’s safety net was written for the high farm prices farmers were receiving at the time. Unfortunately, this safety net is not adequate to deal with the economic conditions facing farmers right now…

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