Two Texas Congressmen’s Cannonball Run

What do you get when a Democratic congressman from El Paso goes on a road trip with a Republican from San Antonio? An Internet Sensation.

by R.G. Ratcliffe March

Across miles and miles of Texas—not to mention parts of the southern and eastern United States—Democratic congressman Beto O’Rourke of El Paso and Republican Will Hurd of Helotes have been on a bipartisan road trip from San Antonio to Washington, D.C. The “Congressional Cannonball Run” started as a simple alternative form of travel after Southwest Airlines cancelled flights because a major snowstorm hit the nation’s capital. But it turned into a rolling town hall and internet sensation: “Will and Beto’s Totally Awesome Road Trip,” “A ‘Bipartisan Road Trip’ from Texas to Washington,” and “Reps. O’Rourke, Hurd Livestream Road Trip,” to name just a few.

O’Rourke was a supporter of Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election. Hurd, a former CIA agent, thought Clinton should be jailed for using an outside email server while secretary of state. But they also have abutting congressional districts along the Rio Grande that have large populations of active and retired military personnel. So they decided a road trip would give them a chance to use Facebook to connect with voters and talk policy, not politics. The result has been a whirlwind of publicity in a nation more used to Democrats and Republicans at each other’s throats…

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