Idaho Raw Dairy Paradise Springs Farm Pioneers Biodynamics

A raw dairy near Victor, Idaho, takes organic farming one step further


The website for Paradise Springs Farm, a raw dairy set against the Tetons on the Idaho-Wyoming border, is less an advertisement for its product than a biography of its cows. The resident bull, Justin Timberlake, is caught in his profile photo with his massive head at a jaunty angle, mouth open in what is unmistakably a grin.

Weighing in at 2,400 pounds, JT is “one of the most amazing beings in the cosmos,” according to the paragraph that accompanies his photo. “He loves hugs and scratches, expects kisses, chews on your clothes and wants to just hang.”

The rest of the herd, including Glinda Good Witch, Shirley Temple, Cricket, Leila and Auntie Em, among others, are described in equally affectionate detail. Take a closer look, though, and it becomes obvious that dairy cows being treated as pets isn’t the only—or even the most—unconventional thing about Paradise Springs. Those who manage to find its unmarked drive in the network of dirt and gravel backroads outside of Victor, Idaho, will get a crash course in the Biodynamic lifestyle, which has led dairy farmers Mike Reid and Tibby Plasse to give up sugar and caffeine, bury cow horns filled with ground crystals and produce the Grade A raw milk, whey and cheese that prompted the Cornucopia Institute, an organic watchdog group, to name Paradise Springs Farm among the top 10 organic dairy farms in nation.

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