Women in Ag: Meet the lady who gave up life in the U.S to help run a beef & dairy farm!

Post by Catherina Cunnane

Californian native Cori Calvert’s casual holiday to the Emerald Isle a number of years ago changed and shaped her progressive future. It was during this period that Ms Calvert discovered a new business idea- a major niche in the Irish market.

Before setting foot on Irish soil, the California State University, Fresno graduate held a position with US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for almost two decades, assisting agricultural operations and related SMEs reduce their energy costs through energy efficiency projects.

“I noticed that there were many opportunities for Ag and SMEs in Ireland to make those same improvements and save on a fixed cost thus increasing their ability to stay sustainable during lean times. ” Cori told Catherina of That’s Farming.

For the next twelve months, Cori trekked to and from California and Ireland exploring potential opportunities. It was during one of these trips that she crossed paths with her now partner, a third generation beef and dairy farmer in Garryspillane, Co. Limerick. Her attachment to the Irish island continued to flourish and the rest is now history.

Cori decided to leave the U.S for the Irish island, but as the fifth generation farmer of the family, the adaptation to Irish farming systems was an easy learning curve.

Ms Calvert grew up on a sheep and beef enterprise, but the family have since converted their enterprise into sheep farming only. The big leap has been made due to drought conditions in her native homeland that have forced many farmers to close the doors on their beef cattle operations over the last decade.

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