FYI: REMINDER: REBUILD RURAL: DRAFT Coalition Letter to House/Senate Leadership (Deadline 2/1 COB Signature Collection & OPT OUT)

Dear REBUILD RURAL Coalition (RRC) Members, 

Thanks to all who were able to join our January 15th Coalition meeting!  As a reminder, attached is our draft Coalition letter (pasted below & via REBUILD RURAL’s website) addressed to the bicameral bipartisan Congressional leadership which RRC intends to send to Capitol Hill early in the new Congress.

Signature Collection (& “opt out”) Process:  Given REBUILD RURAL has over 220 named partner organizations, we will assume your respective association agrees to be listed as a named cosigner (i.e. no need to contact us!), unless we hear otherwise from you by Friday, February 1, close of business (COB).  Likewise, should your organization — including any state and local affiliates — desire to join REBUILD RURAL (including cosigning our new letter), please contact us by the Friday, February 1, COB deadline.

Thank you very much for your continued partnership and collaboration towardREBUILD RURAL Coalition activities.  As always, please feel free to contact us or (202) 879-0855 with any questions or concerns.  

                                         ** DRAFT COALITION LETTER ** 

Dear Majority Leader McConnell, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer and Leader McCarthy:

As you set the strategic goals for the new Congress, the Rebuild Rural Coalition strongly encourages you to move quickly to pass bipartisan legislation to strengthen our nation’s infrastructure, including specific provisions focused on the unique needs of rural communities and agriculture.

Rebuild Rural is comprised of more than 220 organizations from across the country that collectively represent U.S. agricultural producers, cooperatives, rural businesses, rural communities and rural families. We live and work every day in rural America and deeply understand the realities these communities face in order to remain prosperous and vibrant. We also understand that rural communities’ needs are unique, oftentimes differing greatly from the realities of our urban counterparts.

Specifically, we believe it is critical to ensure that our rural communities have access to: clean and safe drinking water, secure and dependable surface transportation, reliable and affordable power, healthcare, housing, and broadband and research institutions with state-of-the-art facilities in order to thrive and attract future generations.

Rural communities play an important role in our nation’s economy. They are home to a majority of U.S. manufacturing and our agricultural production. American agriculture provides the food and fiber for our country and the world, creating jobs for millions of Americans. Our farmers and ranchers are the most efficient producers in the world, but their ability to meet domestic demands as well as compete globally depends on robust and reliable transportation infrastructure including roads, inland waterways, ports, and railways. Deteriorating rural infrastructure, however, threatens the competitive leadership of American agriculture.

Rebuild Rural believes the federal government must continue to play an important role in providing funding for infrastructure and that those federal investments should increase. We also recognize federal resources alone cannot fill the entirety of the need. As organizations serving these rural communities, we recognize fulfilling this promise to our rural residents requires creative solutions that pair federal, state and local investment along with private sources of capital. As the 116th Congress commences, we stand ready to work with you –– and your House and Senate colleagues –– to help identify and implement these vital rural infrastructure improvements.

Thank you for your leadership.


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