Sign On Opportunity: Decentralized Wastewater Grant Program bill

Hi all,
I wanted to share with you all a sign on opportunity for an important piece of legislation that will be introduced as early as next week.
The Decentralized Wastewater Grant Act (found at

is a bipartisan bill being introduced by Senators Booker, Jones, Capito, and Schatz that will create a new grant program under the Clean Water Act to provide funding to low- and moderate-income households through a qualified nonprofit to address wastewater challenges.

The letter and sign on form can be found here. The deadline to sign on is THIS Friday, 11/15 at 3 PM ET. Apologies for the quick turnaround!
More than 1.7 million people in the United States lack access to basic plumbing facilities, with communities of color and low-income communities bearing the majority of the burden. This bill is a first step in addressing that disparity, by provided grants for the construction, repair, or replacement of a decentralized wastewater system. Further, the bill provides flexibility to allow grants to be used for a connection to a publicly owned treatment works or the installation of a larger decentralized wastewater system that can provide treatment to two or more households, if either of those options are available to the household.
Link to letter & google form to sign on:
Thanks for your consideration and let me know if you have any questions!


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