Urban Farms Are Supposed To Solve Our Food Woes. The Reality Is Not So Simple.

[Comment From The Acequia Institute
November 10 at 2:11 PM ·

Several things wrong with this analysis, consisting of several overlooked trends and conditions: (1) for food sovereignty urban farmers the point is not to feed the entire city but the family, close relations, and vulnerable BIPOC community members and this focus is working to reduce hunger and malnutrition at the “margins”; (2) the future of urban agriculture as a larger source of culturally appropriate nutrition can and will be reshaped by shifting urban and peri-urban land use zoning and planning practices — e.g., current movements seeking to close golf courses and convert the land to urban agriculture cooperatives; (3) most of the urban food production is happening in family home kitchen gardens and is overlooked in most surveys of urban agriculture; for Mexican-origin peoples we have always produced our food and medicine in the home lots and the practice is in a period of marked resurgence. I could go on, but these three objections are suggestive of a counter-narrative.]


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