Texas Rancher Measures 100-Plus Inches of Rainfall

by Greg Henderson

10:53AM Jan 02, 2020


Excessive rainfall hampered some ranches in 2019.

( University of Arkansas )

A south Texas rancher reports he measured more than 100 inches of rainfall in each of the last two years. That’s about 2.5 times more than the annual average for the area.

Robert James Jr., who lives in northeast Brazos County, Texas, told KBTX-TV he measured 110 inches of rainfall on his ranch in 2018. James keeps a log of rainfall in two separate gauges on his ranch and in 2019 the north gauge collected 108.88 inches of rain, while the south gauge collected 105.76 inches.

Brazos County in southeast Texas includes the city of College Station, and is located northwest of Houston where average annual rainfall of about 40 inches is normal. KBTX-TV reported Easterwood Airport near College Station recorded 36.29 inches of rain in 2019.

James said he recorded 60 inches of rain between April and June of 2019, which resulted in him harvesting only one cutting of hay for the second year in a row.

Despite flooding in the south Texas region during the first part of 2019, the area ended 2019 in a rainfall deficit, leaving the region in a moderate drought as 2020 began.

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