Sign-on letter to Congress supporting the Biden tax plans financing his investment plans

Allies, at this link is a sign-on letter to Congress endorsing President Biden’s $3.6 trillion tax reform agenda that pays for his $4.2 trillion investment agenda. There are 14 national organizations originally signing this letter, which you can see at the end of the letter. We have a goal of getting 100 NATIONAL groups on this letter by Friday, June 18, but we are seeking 50 groups by this Friday, June 11, as we want to use this letter to accompany a shorter state groups sign-on letter that will launch next week.  
President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda has directly tied more revenue with more investments. We believe it is critical for our community to back up this agenda, and the tax reform measures he has proposed to make corporations and the wealthy get closer to paying their fair share of taxes. A major corporate lobbying effort is underway to blunt Biden’s agenda. It is especially focused on opposing raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% — every one percentage point increase in the rate raises $100 billion for investments. Another effort is underway to oppose making the wealthy pay the same higher tax rate on income from selling investments, like stock, as income from workers’ wages.
Again, the sign-on letter and a link to the sign-up form is here. Thanks very much for your assistance in this effort.

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