Schumer announces bipartisan group has finalized legislative text on infrastructure bill

CNN)Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced on the Senate floor Sunday evening that the bipartisan group of senators has finalized legislative text of the infrastructure bill, after hours of last-minute additions and edits to the more than 2,000-page legislation.”The bipartisan group of senators has finished writing the text of the infrastructure bill,” the New York Democrat said, “And in a moment I’ll take the procedural steps to make their legislative language the base of the bill here on the floor.”RELATED: Read the billNow that the text is complete, Schumer submitted it as the substitute amendment, making it the base of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. This allows the Senate to begin on what could be a days-long amendment process. Schumer said on the floor that given “how bipartisan the bill is,” he believes “the Senate can quickly process relevant amendments and pass this bill in a matter of days.”

After announcing that the bipartisan infrastructure bill text had been finalized, Schumer touted the group’s efforts, saying that “these days it isn’t easy to do major bills in the Senate, especially bipartisan ones.””It’s been decades, decades since Congress passed such a significant standalone investment and I salute the hard work that was done here by everybody,” he added.

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