Opinion: Seed giants must collaborate or be dwarfed by threat of climate change – from Des Moines Register


Opinion: Seed Giants Must Collaborate or Be Dwarfed by Threat of Climate Change — The Des Moines Register
Source: The Des Moines Register
August 8, 2021
Matthew Reynolds, Jeffrey L. Rosichan and Leon Broers
(Article Summarized by Meridian Institute) In this opinion piece, Matthew Reynolds, a distinguished scientist with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, Jeffrey L. Rosichan, a director with the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research, and Leon Broers, a board member with KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA, write that “The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vast inequalities when it comes to food security. But there is an even larger and more concerning crisis waiting for us: global food shortages caused by climate change.” And, they add, if we are to have any chance of outrunning climate change, major seed companies need to “shift toward investing in mutually beneficial research and development to pool resources and build on every gain, in the interests of the whole.” The authors note that every seed company and crop research center in the world is focused on the race to breed hardier crops, but the field is running “100-meter sprints in different places at different times.” Instead, they suggest, we need new funding models, such as public-private partnerships, and a collaborative approach toward developing sustainable food systems. “Failure to collaborate will ultimately result in unsustainable food systems, which not only renders seed companies obsolete but threatens a prerequisite of civilization: food security,” they conclude. “The private sector has the knowledge and resources to redefine the race. Rather than competing against one another, the crop industry must join forces to compete instead with climate change. And it is a contest we can only win if all players work together.”

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