Opportunities Job\Training: CERT Train-the-Trainer, CERT Exercise. Community ‘tipping points’.

FEMA is excited to introduce CERT Train-the-Trainer in a virtual format. By delivering this course virtually, the Agency hopes to reach new audiences and bolster the capabilities of existing CERT teams. Furthermore, FEMA is pleased to offer additional opportunities to enroll virtual course on sheltering operations.

Explore these two free courses, offered through FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI). The courses will be delivered completely online via Adobe Connect. There is no cost associated with either course, but students must have a FEMA Student Identification number (SID), a computer with microphone, speaker, and stable access to the internet. Visit the FEMA Student Identification System to obtain the FEMA SID number.

K0428 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Train-the-Trainer (Virtually Facilitated)

The audience for this course includes those who will have or currently have either of the following responsibilities: Serves as the course manager for the CERT Basic Training course, or serves as a CERT Basic Training course instructor.

Participants in this course must have:

  1. A referral from a CERT-sponsoring agency, typically a local, regional, or state government agency.
  2. Completed the CERT Basic Training, required if you are not a first responder.
  3. Completed the IS-317: Introduction to CERT, if you are a current first responder. This course will familiarize you with the CERT Program.

Course Length: Total Time: 24 hours over 2 weeks, and 4 hours of self-study. Class Time: 24 hours (ET). 

Course Dates:

  • August 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 [2 pm – 6 pm ET]
  • September 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 [12 pm – 4 pm ET]

Allotted time for technical difficulties (2 hours)

FEMA has released National Qualification System (NQS) Job Titles/Position Qualifications and Position Task Books (PTBs) for three CERT positions:

  • CERT Chief – a volunteer who is responsible for a specific functional area within the CERT
  • CERT Team Leader – a volunteer part of a CERT who directs team activities
  • CERT Volunteer – a volunteer who is a part of a CERT and trains in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations

These resource typing documents will facilitate the sharing of deployable CERT positions at all jurisdictional levels.

View Position Task Books
View Job Titles and Position Qualifications

Fellow CERT leaders,

Below is a good training virtual exercise for CERT members, sharing if you want to share the link with your members. 

Special EARTH EX-21 Overview for Emergency Managers and Their Team Members

On Friday the 16th, at 1 pm EDT, the Electric Infrastructure Security Council will present a special webinar on EARTH EX-21.

This unique webinar is for those working in the Emergency Management area, including

·        Emergency Management Agencies

·        Homeland Security Offices

·        Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

·        Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC)

·        Essential Emergency Support Function Leaders (ESF)

This webinar will provide essential information on the EARTH EX exercise, how to use it to meet planning and training goals and engage communities. This exercise will focus on local and state-level emergency management agencies.

The webinar will cover the basics of the exercise, goals, objectives, and present multiple techniques to maximize the EARTH EX opportunity. This session will specifically cover different ways to configure EARTH EX locally to engage your organization’s participants.

The EARTH EX-21 exercise is free again this year and is available for play from 1 September through 31 October.

To register for the Webinar on the 16thhttps://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4875923268433923599

To register for EARTH EX-21: https://battlerhythm.net/Registration/registerMKII.html?id=17

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