FYI & Participation: Launch of the National Justice Roundtable: Monday, August 30th, 1pm-5pm EST, 10am-2pm Pacifica Standard Time.

You’re cordially invited to join leaders and organizers for

The First of a Series of National Justice Roundtables:

On Building A Unified Progressive Movement

When: Monday, August 30th, from 1-5pm ET, 10am-2pm PT

Where: Via Zoom, registration link here (you’ll get follow up info.)

Dear Friends:

We warmly invite you to actively participate in an unprecedented gathering of progressive economic and social justice leaders, healthcare experts, community organizers, voting rights advocates, climate and green jobs activists at the InauguralNational Justice Roundtable, Monday, August 30th, from 1pm to 5pm EST, 10am-2pm Pacific Standard Time. (see list of speakers and participants below). 

Due to the very dangerous Covid-19 Delta Variant, the NJR will be broadcast via zoom and radio for those who prefer to participate at the Summit on-line.

The legendary Dolores Huerta, one of the founders of the United Farm Workers Union, Rudy Arredondo, President of the National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Trade Association, and Reverend Graylan Hagler are the Senior Advisors of the National Justice Roundtable.

At the National Justice Roundtable, we will have representatives from The National Organization For Women, the National Coalition To End Homelessness, Progressive Democrats of America, national climate action/green leaders, affordable housing/end homelessness, African American, Native American, Asian Pacific American, Latin X, interfaith, civil rights, artists, DC Statehood, small farmers and ranchers, and African climate action leaders and dignitaries will be attending the meeting. (Names of confirmed speakers and participants forthcoming)There is a widespread feeling among progressive leaders, community organizers, civic leaders, and activists that the time has come for the creation of a “united progressive coalition” with representation from 435 Congressional Districts and 50 states–given the existential threat of the climate emergency, far right wing authoritarian threats to democracy, and the persistent savage inequality, poverty and homelessness that plague the U.S. and the world.

This is the first time in American and world history where how we organize in the streets and suites, will ultimately determine whether or not civilization survives the climate emergency, whether or nor we can save our democracy from far right wing anti-government extremists, and pass federal green and “social justice” legislation in Congress that will foster social and economic justice for all—and save our planet!

At the first National Justice Roundtable, we seek to discuss the following in an informal and relaxed atmosphere to foster unity….. we plan to have a series of these Roundtables via zoom in order to begin the process of building a united progressive coalition:

– How do we unite progressives across the nation under one diverse and intersectional umbrella where ethnic communities are in leadership, where progressive activists who live in towns and cities across the nation have the real opportunity to become part of a united “progressive home.”

– How do we rapidly organize a progressive green earth global movement that has real political power in order for humanity thrive and survive the climate emergency; how do we create a rapid response street and suite heat apparatus, so we do not have to continue building ad hoc coalitions whenever there is political crisis, and Congress and the President are not acting in the best interests of “we the people.”

– How do progressives become a highly visible political force in the national and world media, how do we bring in artists, musicians, actors, and dignitaries so we become more visible in the media. How do we create our own independent progressive media that has maximum viewership.

-What political infrastructure is needed to hold Members of Congress, The Executive Branch, the Supreme Court, and elected officials accountable so we can pass human-centric progressive green/social justice legislation on the federal, world, state, and local level; or to stop harmful legislation from passing. How do we generate our own progressive green legislation that we want passed in Congress, state, and local levels.

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