News Advisory: Hon. Alejandra Castillo, Economic Development Administration to Headline 2021 Entrepreneurship Conference Webinar, Sept. 17th@1pm

Hon. Alejandra Y. Castillo, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development to Headline at Dialogue on Diversity’s 2021 Entrepreneurship Conference Webinar, Sept. 17th.

A seasoned Washington hand Honorable Alejandra Castillo returns as a speaker for the fourth of Dialogue on Diversity’s Webinars for the 2021 program cycle.  She will discuss the mission and the strategies of the Economic Development Administration (EDA), a newly minted entity which Ms. Castillo will lead as an Assistant Secretary of Commerce. In a range of initial projects the new development arm of the federal commerce initiative will extend financing aid to a broad mosaic of enterprises, all small workshops with large plans, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, and every other species of innovative shops.

Assistant Secretary Castillo’s new field of labor in the economic arena continues a series of federal posts in her score of years in a variety of predecessor agencies.  Starting In 2000 she was second in command at the Minority Business Development Agency, also within the U.S. Department of Commerce, in her initial sally into the economics realm. With the advent of the Obama Administration in early 2009, she returns as the head of the MBDA, a post she occupied, sitting out the succeeding Administration, until her taking up the reins of the new EDA body.

Ma. Castillo is the amalgam of two cultures and at least three populations — the land of her parents, the Dominican Republic, the populous powerhouse of the Caribbean,  the Dominican society of the U.S., and the larger American population to whch she has dedicated her impressive career. She is fluent in English, a la Americana, Spanish, and, completing the western hemisphere linguistic map, Portuguese, the language of the mega population of Brazil. She holds the advanced degree of MS, in Economics and Public Policy, from the University of Texas at Austin, while at the American University in Washington, D.C. she has earned the Juris Doctor degree in law.   Ms. Castillo has been a speaker on several occasions at Dialogue on Diversity’s Entrepreneurship Conferences, and is welcomed again this year as Key Speaker in the culminating Webinar of the 2021 season. 

2021 Entrepreneurship/IT ConferenceEntrepreneurs & Economic RecoveryA New Model for 2021In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month
Friday, Sept. 17th, 20211:00pm – 3:30pma Zoom webinar hosted by Dialogue on Diversity

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