National Justice Roundtable on Green Earth/Climate Change, Monday, August 30th, from 3:35pm-4:25pm EST, 12:35pm-1:25pm Pacifica

Dear Friends: 

Thank you so much for agreeing to speak at the National Justice Roundtable on Green Earth/Climate Change,Monday, August 30th, from 3:35pm-4:25pm EST, 12:35pm-1:25pm Pacifica, 
*Please RSVP at by 5:00pm close of business tomorrow, and if you can’t speak, please kindly let us know ASAP.

You’re cordially invited 

to join top leaders and organizers for An unprecedented, unifying gathering of progressive leaders and activists working together for progress, the first National Justice Roundtable

Monday, August 30th 1-5pm ET, 10am-2pm PT

Register for Zoom:

RSVP/Media: (571)-344-1518

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