The Struggle of Indigenous Peoples Is a Struggle for the Future of Humanity”

Last week, six thousand Indigenous people of 176 distinct ethnicities from all regions of Brazil set up camp in the heart of Brazil’s capital to insist that their existence and voices be recognized and respected by the government.

They traveled for days on packed buses, some under the threat of ambushes, to be united for the “Struggle for Life” camp, the country’s largest Indigenous mobilization in the last 30 years.

They were there to demand that Brazil’s Supreme Court reject the so-called “marco temporal” clause, a deceptive legal theory that would invalidate the land claims of Indigenous groups who did not physically occupy their territories when Brazil’s new constitution was signed in 1988.

Amazon Watch took part in this¬†powerful historic moment in the struggle of Indigenous peoples in Brazil. Thousands of people representing diverse cultures, languages, and worldviews participated in the Struggle for Life Camp, and there also was an inspirational spiritual component to last week’s events.

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