The National Infrastructure Bank Fills the Gap of the Biden Plan

April 4, 2021- The Coalition for a National Infrastructure Bank released today an analysis of the President Biden’s “American Jobs Plan”, written by the Coalition’s macroeconomist Alphecca Muttardy.

The article compares proposals of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Jobs Plan, and the National Infrastructure Bank.

 Muttardy states : “The American Jobs Plan (AJP) makes a great start at rebuilding crumbling infrastructure, and re-authorizing infrastructure spending through the Federal Budget. However, even larger sums will be needed to cover ALL of our nation’s needs, which the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) estimates will cost $6.1 trillion over ten years in seventeen infrastructure categories. After $3.5 trillion in committed Federal spending through the AJP, and state and local financing become available, a funding gap of $2.6 trillion will still remain…An adequately sized National Infrastructure Bank (NIB), meanwhile, could provide the $5 trillion to top up financing for public infrastructure without new Federal taxes or deficits. “

View the entire analysis here.

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