USDA invites you to engage in a discussion on Racial Equity with USDA’s Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC)

USDA invites you to engage in a discussion on Racial Equity with USDA’s Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) 

Date: Friday, September 24, 2021 

Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern) 

USDA invites you to a stakeholder discussion with a select group of organizations and the USDA Farm Production and Conservation mission area Friday, September 24, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern. The purpose of this session is to facilitate an in-depth discussion on how the USDA can advance racial justice and equity for underserved communities. This session is part of the USDA’s efforts to implement President Biden’s Executive Order 13985, Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities, as well as the priority to promote Environmental Justice.  

In July 2021, USDA hosted five public-hearing style listening sessions to collect feedback from stakeholders. To more deeply understand ways USDA can bring about meaningful change for Environmental Justice communities and other underserved communities, we hope you can join this invite-only meeting with USDA staff and approximately 25 other organization representatives. 

Please select one representative from your organization to participate and register in advance for this meeting:

You and your organization likely have unique questions, concerns, and experiences with USDA, and perhaps even ideas for how USDA can advance its ability to serve minority and underserved communities. We’d love to hear about those before the session! Please feel free to send us any of your thoughts in advance by submitting them here. 

The session will start with a full group introductory session, followed by a 1-hour-long breakout room discussion comprised of five organization representatives and USDA staff, and then return to a full group session for a main room debrief. We ask that you come prepared to answer the following questions that will be asked and discussed in each breakout room: 


  1. What USDA programs or services does your organization or its constituents benefit from the most? What barriers have you observed to accessing these programs or services? 
  2. Are there programs, services, or activities administered by USDA that have caused harm or could otherwise be improved to better serve minority communities? If so, please elaborate.  
  3. What can USDA do to increase engagement with minority populations and ensure these populations have equitable access to agency programs and services? 

Meeting Agenda: 

12:00 PM Welcome  

12:03PM Introductions 

12:10 PM Overview of Executive Order 13985 and USDA’s Racial Equity work to date  

12:24 PMSmall group discussion in breakout rooms with five organization representatives in each room.  

1:22 PM Back to main room with all participants. Summary/ Debrief from each small breakout group. 

2:00 PM Call concludes. 

 For any inquiries, please contact Paul Zeiss at 

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