Remembering James Redford: Human Denial About Climate Change & Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Build Back Better Act.

Dear Redford Center Community, 

One of Jamie Redford’s sisters recently shared this perfect sentiment: Jamie was born special, and he became extraordinary. 

Over the course of the last year since Jamie’s passing, my wacky mind has determined that he visits me in hummingbirds. A perfectly extraordinary way to appear and an always welcomed reminder of all that he embodied and all that he continues to inspire. 

As we cross the one-year mark of his passing, The Redford Center team and I have been reviewing and reflecting on Jamie’s multi-layered legacy—his empathy and refreshing way of sharing his wisdom, his never-ending intellectual curiosity, and his deeply felt understanding of human nature. We found this clip from an interview I conducted with him soon after he agreed to film his first and only starring role, in Happening

His insights seemed important and helpful to share at this moment, as we await the fate of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Build Back Better Act. As we prepare for the upcoming climate talks in Glasgow and continue to break record after record in nearly every category of climate disaster. 

Jamie begins with this: “I love denial. I use it constantly to the great frustration of friends and family. It has its place in my life. It can be effective at times, and it’s really understandable that we’re in denial about climate.” He goes on to offer an approach to solving problems so complex that they trigger denial. In his offering he reveals a foundational aspect of The Redford Center’s work, a way forward that we continue with every day here—step by step and story by story—in his name and in his honor.

Thank you for being among our extraordinary community of supporters, who enable us to do this essential work and who reflect Jamie’s values, kindness, and generosity. And thank you my dear friend, Jamie, who is intensely missed, for blazing such a vibrant trail and leaving us with so much insight and inspiration.

With gratitude,

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