AG SALON UPDATE Week of October 18, 2021

WELCOME SALONISTAS!AG SALON UPDATES for the Week of October 18, 2021Editor’s note: Every week it is a challenge to curate events and stories to cherry pick the most interesting and also the most relevant. And, also, this format is designed to offer quick looks that allows each reader to make one of three decisions: 1) This is interesting. I want to read it right now. 2) This is interesting, but I’m going to have to come back to it. 3) This isn’t of interest to me. Whatever you decide, you can decide it quickly.The format doesn’t lend itself easily to deep dives. Nonetheless, a few weeks ago, I did a somewhat deep dive into DC Central Kitchen. Next week, I want to take a look at Mediae — a broadcast network in sub-Saharan Africa that is generating a significant impact on impoverished people, many of whose lives are reliant on agriculture. It is owned by Salonista Richard Lackey, a member of BIFAD, an entrepreneur, and a visionary. Please stay tuned.
CONFERENCES, WEBINARS, PODCASTS, ETC.UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021: “COP26 Explained”.Click here for a report on what the conference is all about. __________Agrilinks webinar on satellite data, November 3rd: “Join this webinar to learn more about the opportunities of remote sensing used to inform climate risks to food production and security, as well as in strengthening climate adaptation in agriculture, and informing the transformation of food systems to meet the needs of the world’s most climate-vulnerable people.” Click here to register.__________The Martin J. Forman Memorial Lecture, hosted by IFPRI, will be given this year by Henrietta Fore, ED of UNICEF, on October 28th. “In this year’s Martin J. Forman Memorial lecture, UNICEF’s Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore, an avid champion of children and young people’s rights, will reflect on the children and young people who have inspired her.” Click for the details.

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