our board member, Rose Garcia, is on their board is on:NALCAB-RFP-Template-for-website-RCB-October-2021

Complete RFP Name: Rural Capacity Building Technical Assistance RequestProgram Area: FederalFunder: NALCABSupported by: HUDApplication Deadline: Round 1 Deadline is November 17, 2021Round 2 Deadline is December 16, 2021NALCAB Members-only or open to all? Open to eligible entities in eligible statesRFP Description: NALCAB’s Rural Capacity Building (RCB) program provides project-based, organizationaltechnical assistance (TA), grants and loans to rural-serving organizations to build theircapacity to carry out affordable housing and community development projects that benefitlow- and moderate-income households in rural areas.The primary purpose of this program is TA; loans and grants are considered on a case-by-case basis. Loan funds are considered through a separate application process contingent onavailable funding. RCB Technical Assistance (TA) is available to local governments, Native Tribal governments,housing development organizations, rural community development corporations (CDCs),and rural community housing development organizations (CHDOs) located in: -Arizona-California-Colorado*-Florida-Idaho*-Indiana*-Iowa*-Minnesota*-New Mexico-North Carolina*-Ohio*-Oregon-Texas*-Washington-Puerto Rico**Priority StatePeriod of available TA: January 2022-November 2023. TA engagements typically lastbetween 3-12 months with a value of TA at $30,000 to $75,000.

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