The Proposed Federal Rural Partnership Program: What You Need to Know; Wednesday, October 27 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Communities and regions across the rural United States and Native nations often must scramble to find and access any funding that can be used flexibly to address locally determined community and economic development priorities in ways that make local sense. Within the budget reconciliation package – which is in active negotiation right now – a proposed Rural Partnership Program(RPP) would make just that kind of funding available across the country to regional and local collaboratives that can include a wide range of non-profits, government entities, philanthropic organizations, colleges and others. RPP represents a new approach for how federal resources can support rural America. Learn more here.
As negotiations on the budget reconciliation bill continue in the coming weeks, the RPP is at risk of being left out of the final package, potentially leaving behind a transformational opportunity for rural America.
Now is the time to learn about it so that you can talk about it with colleagues, the media and elected officials.
In this one-hour information session, the Reimagining Rural Assistance Network (RRAN) will briefly offer current information about the provisions and status of RPP. This session will also include the perspective of expert rural practitioners who will share their thinking and experience about how providing federal resources through an RPP approach could accelerate and deepen positive rural development results. Please forward and share this Info Session Alert with colleagues. Questions will be encouraged at the event and all are welcome! Register Here.

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