WH/USDA Equity Commission Overview and Application Process Briefing – November 9

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The White House Office of Public Engagement and USDA invite you to a call for an overview of the formation of USDA’s Equity Commission and how to apply for a seat on the Commission.  The presentation will include an overview of the Equity Commission, its purpose and authorities, Equity Commission membership, the Sub-Committee for Agriculture, what individuals can expect, and instructions on the application process. The Equity Commission will be a great opportunity to engage in both public service and transformational work and we strongly encourage you to consider applying. 

Here are the details:

White House/USDA Equity Commission Overview and Application Process

Date: Tuesday, November 9

Time: 2:30pm ET

Featuring: Dr. Dewayne Goldmon, USDA Senior Advisor for Racial Equity

RSVP: https://pitc.zoomgov.com/webinar/register/WN_dRVkcoXURA2xo3rL8pAROg

We hope that you can join us! Please note that this call is closed to press. If there are any accommodations that would make this meeting accessible to you, please indicate in the registration form under ‘Questions and Comments’. You can find background and additional information on the Equity Commission here:

Background on the Equity Commission and How To Request Nominations for Membership:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it will establish an Equity Commission and is requesting nominations for membership on the Equity Commission Advisory Committee and Equity Commission Subcommittee on Agriculture. The Notice represents an important step towards implementing President Biden’s commitment to create an Equity Commission and the American Rescue Plan Act provision that directs USDA to “address historical discrimination and disparities in the agriculture sector… [through] one or more equity commissions to address racial equity issues within USDA and its programs.”

The Equity Commission will advise the Secretary of Agriculture by identifying USDA programs, policies, systems, structures, and practices that contribute to barriers to inclusion or access, systemic discrimination, or exacerbate or perpetuate racial, economic, health and social disparities. The Subcommittee on Agriculture will be formed concurrently and will report back to the Equity Commission and provide recommendations on issues of concern related to agriculture. Subsequent subcommittees will focus on other policy areas, such as rural community and economic development. The Equity Commission will deliver an interim report and provide actionable recommendations no later than 12 months after inception. A final report will be generated within a two-year timeframe.

USDA is soliciting nominations to consider membership on both the Equity Commission and the Subcommittee on Agriculture. Both seek to reflect a diversity in demographics, regions of the country, background, and in experience and expertise. The Office of Tribal Relations strongly encourages interested tribal leaders and Native producers to apply. 

Nominations with complete applications will be considered if emailed or postmarked by Nov. 30, 2021. Please submit nominations to Dr. Dewayne L. Goldmon, USDA Senior Advisor for Racial Equity, Office of the Secretary, Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Room 6006-S, Washington, DC 20250; or send by email to: EquityCommission@usda.gov. A federal official of USDA will acknowledge receipt of nominations.

For further information, contact Dewayne L. Goldmon, Ph.D.; telephone: (202) 997-2100; email:dewayne.goldmon@usda.gov.

Read the full press release

Read the full Federal Register notice

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