The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Symposium Series

Please particpate in this very important and honest symposium, that will include a former Israeli Defence Forces, (IDF) General, and representatives of the PLO, to discuss how issues pertaining to  “Security” of Israel and those living in the Occupied Territories is one of the single most important obstacles to restarting peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. As a former Jewish senior Congressional Hill staffer, I saw myself  for 13 yaers, how powerful special interests worked to prevent much needed “action steps” by Members of Congress and former U.S. Presidents to actively engage in the peace process, due to the perception that the only way to keep Israel safe is through a continuing expanding  “Occupation.” Many in the Jewish/Christian community believe that if an independnet Palestinian state is created, this will lead to Israel’s ultimate destruction, due to government sponsored missle attacks and other terroist actions against Israel. These long held fears and myths about Palestinians must now be openly discussed and debunked; otherwise powerful special interests will continue to inhibit progress for peace, will and spread minsinformation and intellectual confusion about the realities “on the ground” between Israelis and Palestinians.

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