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Pesticides & Soil Health Congressional Briefing

When: {Nov 30th, Dec 1st or Dec 2nd at noon EST}

Friends of the Earth, Center of Biological Diversity, and {insert other sponsors} will hold a briefing on soil health and pesticides on {insert date}. We will share the results from a recent peer-reviewed study that shows that pesticides widely used in American agriculture pose a grave threat to organisms that are critical to healthy soil, biodiversity, and soil carbon sequestration to fight climate change. The study is the first comprehensive review of the impacts of pesticides on soil invertebrates such as earthworms, beetles, and ground nesting bees.

The briefing will enhance understanding of soil health, discuss its vulnerability to pesticides, and highlight important implications for policy, including:


  • Nathan Donley, PhD, Senior Scientist at Center for Biological Diversity
  • Aditi Dubey, PhD, University of Maryland
  • Rudy Arredondo, President, National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Association
  • Patti Naylor, Iowa organic farmer, National Family Farm Coalition member

Facilitated by Kendra Klein, PhD, Senior Scientist at Friends of the Earth

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