Call for #BuildBackBetter Content and Tweetstorm Next Tuesday! November 23 from 3-4P Eastern

As you all saw, Build Back Better passed the House this morning, and we’re looking forward to moving it through the Senate in the coming weeks. To that end, we want to keep the noise level up over the Thanksgiving week on Build Back Better, so please keep those good statements and social media content coming. Thank you for everything you’ve done to get us to this point. And remember to flag your great work for us so we can retweet and lift it up from the Committee.

To that end, we’re going to do a #BuildBackBetter Tweetstorm next Tuesday, November 23 from 3-4P Eastern showcasing what BBB does for climate-smart agriculture, forestry, research, rural communities, nutrition, and clean energy. We would love to have you on board! We’ll use #BuildBackBetter as a hashtag, and I’ll be in touch Monday with content and helpful topline messaging for you all.

Please let me know if you have questions or ideas between now and then and thanks again for your support!

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