American Sustainable Business Council (ASBN) November 2021 Member & Partner Update

We applaud the passage of IIJA and were ecstatic to see
our CEO at the signing     

Since the announcement of the Build Back Better agenda, ASBN has been at the forefront of fighting to get the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed. After multiple sign-ons, webinars, and anything we could do to advocate for this act, we are excited to finally see it signed into law. The IIJA will repair roads and bridges, make the largest federal investment in passenger rails since Amtrak, expand broadband to create a more reliable and accessible high-speed internet, provide clean water by replacing lead pipes, and fight against climate change by investing in clean energy transmission and EV infrastructure like electric buses. 

On November 15, Jeffrey Hollender, ASBN’s CEO and co-founder, accepted a White House invitation to attend the signing of IIJA by the President, a recognition of ASBN’s efforts on behalf of its passage. We are pleased and honored that our hard work for the IIJA paid off, and that Jeffrey was able to witness the historic signing of the bill.

What looks different about ASBC and SVC?

As you may have noticed, the looks of ASBC and SVC have changed. ASBC and SVC have merged to create the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN). This merger provides many member benefits. By combining our efforts, we now offer more expertise to help push our commitments to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Both organizations have unique capabilities such as our conference and event planning, community building, media communications, and coalition building. With this merger we created an organization that provides all these capabilities in a more stable and effective structure.

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