Washington State Senate Request for testimony: Hearing on SJM 8006–Concerning a national infrastructure bank, Thurs, Jan 13, 8AM PT

Dear Supporters of public banking and the National Infrastructure Bank,

My bill SJM 8006 asks Congress to pass HR 3339 (Davis) to create a National Infrastructure Bank. The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Business, Financial Services and Trade Committee on Thursday, Jan. 13th at 8am. It’d be great if you could sign in PRO, and maybe even testify a few words in support. You can either sign up to testify or sign in support ofthe bill here.

The National Infrastructure Bank (NIB) is the public banking solution to providing adequate resources for infrastructure at the federal level. The NIB is modeled after FDR’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation and can provide up to $5 Trillion in much-needed financing capacity for infrastructure.

Learn more about HR 3339 here. Learn more about public banking here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or my Legislative Assistants (CC’d) Jenny ChangJenny.Chang@leg.wa.gov and Natasha Laitila at Natasha.Laitila@leg.wa.gov.

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