Join us for a special webinar: Apr 18, 2022 at 10AM Pacific

💡Making history for a future! Celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Diné Community Advocacy Alliance (DCAA). DCAA formed in the Spring of 2012 as a response to the high rates of obesity, diabetes, and the complications of these health issues among children, youth, families, adults, and elders living in and around the Diné (Navajo) Nation. Also, this month of April, we recognize the 7th Anniversary of the Healthy Diné Nation Act!

🍉Join us on Tax Day – learn and share with our team of intergenerational committed tribal citizens and community members who are volunteers turning concerns into actions to help inform and build momentum to affect healthy innovative change in our foodways and lifeways.

💌In this sharing, we will reflect on the history of the organization, efforts towards health solidarity, community mobilization, and advocacy focusing on building and reclaiming our identity through our healthy traditional foods and increasing awareness of the impacts of nutritional trauma with widening vulnerabilities, disparities, and inequities. We look forward to being in community with you.

🌽Join our Let’s Eat In(digenous) 10 Day Challenge from April 21-April 30! Cooking and eating at home together, more Indigenous or local foods, no take-out 🙂 #LetsEatIn #LetsEatIndigenous 

🙂Visit DCAA at or @DineAdvocacy

📲Join us for a special webinar: Apr 18, 2022 at 10AM Pacific 

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