The Part of History You’ve Always Skipped | Neoslavery

I was born and raised in the Caribbean and I learned about slavery through the “oppressed” lens. (The total opposite to how its taught in the “oppressor” countries.) It meant exposure to a lot of facts that totally changed the paradigm. The Haitian revolution was not without its sacrifices. France only agreed to let Haiti become independent if they paid out several hundred million francs. Haiti couldn’t afford it and had to take out loans from French banks. The total amount was never paid as France “gracefully” lowered the number to 2/3 but it was still a fuck ton of money. A French economist estimated that if France were to pay restitution, it would come up to the tune of $28 billion. That little act of greed on France’s part is the reason why Haiti is so poor today- they spent out all their money to secure independence. They were a symbol of hope to the other revolutions, sure, but they paid dearly for it. Caribbean slavery really did a number on our histories. There’s a movement to demand reparations from countries that constructed their modern-day wealth on the backs of enslaved Africans suffering in the fields. Look at the tour that Kate and William did recently. They didn’t receive the open arms like they expected, instead facing cold civility and a request for all the billions of dollars stolen to be repaid.

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