Graduation June 11, 2021 from Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences!&Agricultural

Sciences with the Top 10 Scholars, my Advisory Board Co-Chair, Judge Rouhy Shalabi and School Leaders, Bill Hook, Lucille Shaw and Sheila Fowler.
We are delighted that Eli’s Cheesecake Company is continuing the tradition of providing scholarships to Ag School graduates. This year the Eli M. Schulman & Robert Hatoff Scholarships, given in memory of my Dad and his best friend, went to Valedictorian Kaleia Maxey attending Purdue University and Olivia Rienks attending Southern Illinois University. The Aaron Easter Scholarships given in memory of the late son of retired U of I President Robert and Cheryl Easter, for students attending the College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign went to Carmen Trotta, Adam Villarreal and Bianca Yepez.

Robert Hatoff Scholarships, given… …see more

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