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May 20, 2022 
After the recent release of the California High-Speed Rail Project’s new business plan, an objective UC Berkeley poll revealed that 56% of the state’s voters support the completion of the project and 35% are opposed, with the rest undecided. In the Bay Area, that jumps to 65% of the voters supporting the project, with only 20% opposed.
Why is the support so high despite the persistent voices of vehement critics, including The Mercury News Editorial Board? It’s because many of our state’s well-educated voters read the objective climate and transportation literature and are concerned about the mobility and climate crisis.
We know that 18 other countries, all of the advanced and many emerging economies, have high-speed rail in operation now, and most are expanding those systems. China, the major economic and environmental competition for the United States built 23,000 miles of 235 mph rail in the last 30 years with more under construction. The world’s two comparable high-speed rail lines under construction currently are multiple times more expensive per mile than California’s . . .
Are we going to let a minority of naysayers control our future, or will the strong majority in favor of the economic and climate advantages of high-speed rail demand that the project is completed? Let’s find the courage to join the other advanced countries of the world with an all-electric transportation system. Our children and theirs deserve our very best effort, now.Read article here:

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