The Field Report: Tom Vilsack on How the USDA Can Transform the Food System

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The Field Report: Tom Vilsack on How the USDA Can Transform the Food System
BY  LISA HELD • June 2, 2022

Improving the food system may not seem like a top priority at a time when tragedies due to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, and gun violence abound. But yesterday morning, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack kicked off a speech at Georgetown University arguing that, in fact, how the U.S. farms and eats is tied to many of the biggest problems the country faces.

“A transformed food system is part of how we as a country become more resilient in the face of these big challenges and threats,” he said, as he outlined the key components of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) new Food System Transformation Framework.
We sat down with the Secretary of Agriculture to learn about the agency’s priorities around nutrition security, climate action, and equity. Plus: more news from a busy week at the USDA in The Field Report.

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