Dear USDA, Partners, Friends, Sponsors, Allies, and Organizations:

Washington D.C

On June 16, Eugene Pickett and I visited the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, a unique college preparatory school located in the southside of Chicago. Its mission is to provide opportunities for young people across the city to study urban agriculture with the goal of developing  marketable skills as well as college-level competencies. The school, which is part of the Chicago Public Schools, focuses on teaching agricultural sciences. In doing so, it plays an essential role in the community.

Mr Pickett offered to donate three horses, while I offered to fund some scholarships for outstanding students, on behalf of National Latino Farmers & Ranchers. On Friday, September 2, 2022 NLFR  donated three quarter horses to the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (CHSAS). The donation was part of a new partnership to support the engagement of and form a commitment to the next generation of leaders in agricultural sciences.

Our contribution was intended to support the future generation of farmers and ranchers in the United States, and to include the youth in the conversation from the start of the forthcoming changes. The horses will also be included in a therapeutic riding program for diverse learners, adults with disabilities, veterans and first responders with PTSD. 

As a nationwide organization that seeks to uplift rural communities of color that have historically been discriminated against, the NLFR is proud to partner with CHSAS, considered a pioneer and exemplary model for other programs of its kind across the country. This gift to the community is part of our goal of knocking down barriers to provide equitable access for communities of color to resources in agriculture. 

Ultimately, the partnership with CHSAS allows NLFR to offer varied experiences for the students, specifically for those who are interested in becoming farmers, ranchers, helping the country with the food and farming system, and eventually working with the USDA. National Latino Farmers & Ranchers will continue to empower youth in agriculture and its related fields by including youths’ voices for a better future, and providing them with the necessary tools to achieve their objectives.  



National Latino Farmers & Ranchers

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